Susan started exploring Yoga in high school. While she was pursuing a double major in psychology and English at Lehigh University, she started studying Taiji, Taoism, and other Eastern philosophies. It was during this time that Susan started working as a Chiropractic assistant at Banko Chiropractic. After graduating from Lehigh, Susan decided to attend massage therapy school at Health Options Institute. Before even finishing the program Susan was invited to apprentice and study with two of her teachers at The Gentle Spirit, an amazing opportunity for her to delve even deeper into the studies she had already embarked upon in terms of bodywork and massage, philosophy, physical training, and spiritual practice. Susan is a highly trained professional bodyworker specializing in: Deep Tissue Massage, Orthopedic Neuromuscular Therapy, and Thai Massage. She also has received extensive training in various self-cultivation practices such as: Qigong, Yoga,and Taiji. 

Susan has been teaching yoga since 2009. She is a graduate of Kula Heart Yoga Center's 200 hour teacher training program taught by Silver Kim, Florence Corcoran, Deborah Ketter, and wonderful guest teachers. She also completed a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Jillian Pransky, Prenatal Teacher Training with Sue Elkind, and multiple trainings with Todd Norian and Bruce Bowditch. Susan co-taught Kula Heart’s YTT for 3 years. In pursuit of her 500 RYT status, Susan has also trained with John Levis, Desiree Rumbaugh, Jason Crandell and Ann Robideaux and continues to pursue learning more. 

Melding her Massage Therapy work and principles of Yoga training, Susan is highly effective at identifying and treating structural misalignment and postural discomfort, as well as supplying appropriate stretching and strengthening techniques to bring each individual back to optimal functioning, balance, and health. 

Susan has treated and worked with a wide variety of injuries, symptoms, and individuals each, naturally with unique structural alignments. She has extensive experience with auto-accident injuries, workplace injuries, sport injuries, habitual postural discomfort and symptomology. She has treated all ages from children to seniors, and lifestyles ranging from office positions, physically intensive maintenance and mechanical work, those who stay at home minding house and children, and even professional athletes. She is continuously learning more modalities and treatments. 

Susan teaches yoga with attention to proper postural alignment and how to optimize the health and structure of the body and breath. She is delighted and honored to share yoga with her community, a practice that strengthens the body, clarifies the mind, opens the heart and illuminates the spirit.