Steph Powell Yoga Headshot.jpg

Steph Powell

Steph is a compassionate, playful, and spirited yoga instructor. As a dedicated practitioner for 8 years, she balances strength and ease in her own practice, and brings this into her teaching style. She is passionate about the power of yoga and meditation to change our lives for the better. Her intention is to empower students to recognize their capacity to cultivate well-being through yoga. She believes that the skills we develop during practice can be applied off the mat and have a profound impact on the way we interact with ourselves and each other. Yoga makes Steph SMILE and SHINE, and she encourages her students to find the bright smiles and shine within their own lives.

Steph is grateful for the teacher training she received at Easton Yoga, and she has been teaching there and and at Easton Yoga Allentown for 1 year.

Steph lives in Easton, PA with her husband, Chris, her dog, Charlie, and three cats, Roxy, Scout, and Apollo. When she's not practicing yoga or traveling around the world, she can be found enjoying her work as a Learning & Development Specialist in Talent Management at Air Products.