project henna heals

After a heartwarming experience this week with the amazingly strong Beth Boeh, who came in for a henna crown before her 12th round of chemotherapy, we have decided to start "Project Henna Heals"! 

Once a month, Jess will donate her time and talent to create a unique and beautifully inspired henna tattoo...inspired by YOU and your stories! Beth came in just before her last round of chemotherapy. She made an enthusiastic decision not to cover up or hide this stage of her life but rather adorn it with henna. Empowerment is real and radical and it would be our absolute honor to grace your display of courage and fortitude with healing henna artwork. Email to us your story of working through and/or overcoming a health challenge or trauma. 

From now until December we will be selecting 1 special individual per month (on the 15th of the month) to celebrate taking back empowerment with a FREE, custom henna tattoo. Please share the news of this joyous offering and send your story to or through our contact submission form

There's more! To culminate Project Henna Heals, in December Jess and Sue will be donating their hair to Locks of Love or a similar organization.


Cut A Thon.jpg henna heals.jpg