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Yoga takeaway: Mini private [package]

This is designed to help you create and/or advance your personal practice. In 30 minutes you will be taught how to do a few specific poses for your unique needs and goals. This will help you to develop a very manageable and highly transformational home practice to be done daily (ideally). Not only will this provide profound transformation physically, mentally, and emotionally; it will also provide a most solid framework for exponential growth from knowledge gained and poses explored in public classes. You are encouraged to take video, photos, notes and otherwise to help retain the experience. 

  • 1, 30 minute session- $35
  • 3, 30 minute sessions- $55


private & Semi Private yoga class

One (two or three) on one yoga instruction. This is a great way to get your feet wet and experience a led yoga class without feeling self-conscious around others. It is also a great option for those who may have considerations that will require assistance from the teacher, creative modifications and prop usage.

  • 1, 60 minute session- $65