Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith has an ongoing love affair with yoga and she would like to share it with you!

Learning from some of the best teachers in the yoga industry today, Melanie has quickly begun to travel the world sharing her passion for this practice.  She is currently Yoga Alliance certified not only in “yoga on land” but yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board as well.  Her fun loving and challenging classes are a spiritual journey with one part breathe work, one part alignment, another part humor; then mixed with an eclectic soundtrack, and sprinkled with a handful of LOVE.

Melanie launched her current yoga business under the moniker “Miss Melanie Yoga LLC” which includes her teachings in the studio setting as well as launching her Stand Up Paddle Board Business, hosting SUP Yoga classes, retreats and retail sales of GLIDE SUP boards.   The practice of yoga has inspired Melanie to continually step out of her comfort zone, challenging the ideas of what life and work should look like.  Her purpose in practice is not perfecting every yoga pose but creating a lifetime journey in which yoga enhances everyday life, making dreams a reality.

A social worker for 10 years, Melanie has found an active role of being of service through yoga by way of becoming a teacher for Shanthi Project which is a  community-based organizations for youth in need, and the incarcerated with Northampton County Pennsylvania.  Teaching at a local prison and for children receiving county based services using yoga as trauma based therapy, Melanie is able to integrate yoga and social work as a means of supporting individuals in need within her community.  Globally, Melanie played an active role in Off the Mat Into the World’s Seva Amazon challenge in 2013.  Raising a substantial amount of money to fight climate change and protect the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest including all of it’s inhabitants from deforestation.  To learn more about Shanthi Project please visit their website and to join Melanie in her support for preserving the Amazon Rainforest you can visit