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Karam Prem Kaur, Amanda Mehlehm・Kundalini YT, VYT, BFA, RMT, LMT

Karam Prem Kaur (Amanda Melhem) Karam Prem is a mother of three, a yogi, an artist, a teacher, & a healer. Her curiosity in alternative healing began as a teenager and became a lifestyle in 2007. It was at this time her son was struggling with health issues and needed an alternative to western medicine. Within 3 months he was off the 5 daily medications he was taking and is currently strong and healthy. She was so inspired, she began to learn as much as she could in order to help others do the same. She began with Reiki training, moved into Reflexology, continued into a full massage program at Health Options Institute , then began her yoga trainings. She created Blending Whispers, a healing practice designed to find complementary care for many health challenges. Karam Prem has been teaching Reiki since 2008, Reflexology since 2009, Vinyasa yoga since 2013, & Kundalini yoga since 2015. Kundalini Yoga has become her focus and her passion. She is currently in the midst of her advanced Kundalini trainings to further her ability to serve others. We experience everything through the vehicle of our bodies. Every thought, action, word, event, both past present & future has an affect on our overall well being. How we move through this world. Just imagine when you are nervous, what happens? You may feel "butterflies" in your stomach right? A thought, creating a visceral reaction...This is how everything good or bad translates through our bodies. We store these experiences in our cellular memory which in turn can create disease. Living through the body, we can create a link from the physical to the energetic experience, which in turn brings about balance. Working with both Vinyasa (physical focus) and Kundalini ( Energetic & Physical) Karam uses the best of both technologies to support you in having a balanced life experience. She works each day to continue her passion to offer to each client/student an opportunity for balance, a spark of divine peace, and a moment where healing can occur.

Yoga Trainings: Kundalini Yoga ~ 500+ hours Khalsa Healing Arts, Yardly Kundalini Yoga ~ Level 2 modules, Khalsa Healing Arts Kundalini Super Health training for addictions ~ Millis Ashram, Millis MA Vinyasa 250 hour training ~ Easton Yoga Bhakti immersion ~ Kripalu~ SUP Yoga, Melanie Smith