Henna tattoo sittings

Henna is a traditional art form used to decorate the body with temporary tattoos. Henna refers to the dye prepared from the Lawsonia Intermis plant and the art of temporary body staining. It is referred to as having Barakah and was applied customarily for luck and beauty. When doing henna here at Yukato, Jessica, using all natural brown henna*, likes to integrate traditional designs with modern creativity. Jessica’s artistic ability and creativity in combination with traditional inspiration and any requests you may have create unique pieces of art to bring to you happiness, luck and beauty. 

*colored henna requiring chemicals can be requested



Short Sitting (approx. 15 minutes): $15

Medium Sitting (approx. 30 minutes): $30

Long Sitting (approx. 45 minutes): $45

Extra Long Sitting (approx. 60 minutes): $60 

Please note that your appointment may be subject to a $20 surcharge for the following reasons: 

  • not showing up for scheduled appointment
  • canceling scheduled appointment within 24 hour of expected service time
  • appointment requested within 24 hours of services rendered