Esperanza Garcia RYT


Esperanza completed her 200 hr. teacher Training at Kula Heart Yoga in 2012 under the supervision of Silver Kim and Florence Corcoran. Two years earlier, she had started practicing yoga as a means to complement other forms of physical activity. Gradually, the physical and philosophical depth of the discipline, pulled her deeper into the practice until it became central to her life. Shortly after completing her teacher training, she took a couple of classes of Ashtanga yoga and immediately knew she had found a home.  Ashtanga has been an invaluable tool in Esperanza's quest to reach greater integration between asana, pranayama and meditation, and has enabled her to deepen her practice while taking full advantage of the foundation established during her initial training. In addition to the wonderful teachers who first introduced her to yoga, Esperanza has been fortunate to also study and practice under Michael Lear, Maureen Murphy, David Keil, Jaque Portefield and David Garrigues.


As a full time professor of history, Esperanza spends a lot of time reading, writing and researching the lives of other people. Her Ashtanga practice has given her the challenge and the tools to take that exploration to her own self. She thoroughly believes that the everyday practice of rolling out your mat and committing to a set of questions is as transformative as actually being able to find any answers. Her teaching philosophy is largely influenced by the Ashtanga method and its central belief that anybody can take practice. Yoga is a personal journey and her role as a teacher is to create a space for her students to discover and develop their own potential, both on and off the mat.