ann marie serfass

Yoga found me and invited me to practice, learn and grow…

And I am ever so grateful…

My name is Ann Marie Serfass or just Annie.  Yoga has been a wonderful journey for me.  I look forward to continuing to grow in my own self-study as well as learning through my classes that I teach and filling my heart with the sweet strong bonds of the friends that I have met through yoga.

Yoga helps me to be a thoughtful human being, a mindful Mama and a stronger and healthier person all 1 breath in and out at a time.

I received my Yoga Alliance 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training from Kula Heart Yoga and Wellness Center in Bethlehem PA, receiving my Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) accreditation.  I trained with Silver Kim and Florence Corcoran and Bruce Bowditch from September 2010-June 2011. Also within this training I received intensive trainings from Todd Norian and Jillian Pransky.

Later in 2011-2012 I was led to continue my yoga studies with teachers of children’s yoga.  I have children’s yoga training certifications from OM Schooled with Sarah Herrington, Asana Alphabet with Ann Robideaux, a 1 day intensive training from Yoga 4 Classrooms along with Children’s Yoga Teacher Certifications from Childlight Yoga (Lisa Flynn) 

Level 1 (November 2012) and Level 2 (March 2014). 

Currently I am awaiting my 95 hour Yoga Alliance children's yoga certification; which I then will hold a 200 hour RYT certification plus a 95 hour Registered Children's Yoga Teacher's (RCYT) certification. 

I have taught yoga, through the Shanthi Project of Easton PA, to students ages 6-10 in a local elementary school as part of the 21st Century Schools and Mutt-i-grees, after school program; along with teaching students ages 6-14 through the Shanthi Project at the local Easton Boys/Girls Club and local child care facilities. I have taught children at Kula Heart Yoga/Wellness Center since 2012 and created and facilitated 2 summer camps at Kula Heart as well. Lastly, I have taught a mixed adult age, basic foundations yoga at a local church 1 time per week.

For 21 years I have taught children ages 5-11 in my profession as a certified K-12 Speech Therapist in schools.  Along with teaching typically developing children with articulation, language, fluency and social/pragmatic needs, I have worked extensively within those 21 years with children with special needs especially on the Autism spectrum.  It has been my honor and a great pleasure that I have worked for so many years with children and I have been given many learned experiences within this time.

I am excited and humbled to stand on a mat and teach yoga, especially to children.  I wish that I had yoga in my life as a child.  As now I can see such benefits of practicing yoga.  Taking the time to participate in a yoga class as an adult or child and then taking what you experience from those classes out into your everyday life is such a strong beneficial foundation for a healthier, happier, balanced life.

I have seen the benefits of yoga for me and also for my son and my daughter.  For our family is has been a welcome breath of fresh air!

I encourage all families to give Yoga a try and see how it finds you and the path that it will take you on.  It can be a beautiful thing…